Tailor-made Solutions

Customization is our specialty; we have our own techniques, tested and approved.

Our turnkey creations are 100% guaranteed; you’ll soon discover why!

1. Masterpiece Creation

Masterpiece Creation

Not only do we do repairs and upholstery, but we also specialize in custom design and masterpiece creations. Whatever vision you have, we will make it come true. Whether in a commercial setting or the comfort of your own home, you will get exactly what you’ve dreamed of. Thanks to our wide variety of products and expertise in many fields, we can work with any material. Whether it is for upholstery, repairs or others, we will make your ideas come to life.

In addition to providing an impeccable finish, we also collaborate with designers to ensure unique finishes tailored to your every whim.

Choosing to work with Rembourrage Plus is synonymous with professional advice, excellence, unwavering reliability and accomplishments to suit your taste. We adapt ourselves to our clients and make sure to offer an outstanding service.

As a result of our outstanding dedication and professionalism, we” ve had the privilege of collaborating with famous brands such as McDonald’s, Casino/Hilton, Patio-Vidal, St-Hubert and much more!

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2. Project Implementation

Project Implementation

Whatever project you are considering, Rembourrage Plus is at your disposal to help you achieve your dream. No task is too complicated or too simple! Our in-depth experience, coupled with a proven track record, enables us to deliver unique projects with seamless results. We go to great lengths to offer a personalized service to all our valued clients.

Looking for something unique to jazz up your company’s interior? Look no further than Rembourrage Plus! On top of serving residents, we also boast a complete line of services for businesses. We’ll also guide you with valuable advice for general maintenance.

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3. Sophisticated design

Sophisticated design

Determined to tackle all challenges, our goal is to successfully accomplish your projects, regardless of their complexities. For example, we are used to working with real leather, a material known for its longevity and ease of maintenance/repair. We also offer a complementary service.

If you need a new leather or fabric design, we will gladly do it for you. Why buy something new when your current possessions are undoubtedly stronger, more durable and with more history. Thanks to our unparalleled techniques, we can improve, strengthen and even modify what you already like so that you can love it even more.

With our unique and unparalleled services, you can also benefit from our post-repair maintenance advice. As experts in the field, we know which are the best products to use and which ones to avoid in order to prevent premature damage or wear and tear.

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Accurate Measurement

Accurate Measurement

Thanks to our ability to provide accurate measurements based on our own deductions and templates, we can deliver astounding accuracy on any job. On top of that, we offer personalized advice that will take into account your environment and lifestyle.

Did you know that it is possible to modify your furniture without increasing its quality? Sometimes a simple and inexpensive modification can change a piece of furniture with a lifespan of 3-7 years (average low-cost furniture) into a piece of furniture that will last forever. Our goal is to provide better results than the original. Many people think that repairing a piece of furniture is a waste of time as they will never regain its original beauty, but that is not the case, and we’ll be more than happy to prove it to you.

For this, we recommend hiring the services of Rembourrage Plus. We offer high-quality solutions to suit all different tastes. Indeed, our pride lies in our ability to satisfy our customers by making sure we pay attention to the smallest detail.

Over the years, we’ve served thousands of satisfied customers. And with our extensive experience in the field, we aim to continue guaranteeing quality and satisfaction. We have taken the time to master the art of upholstery, covering and custom design throughout the years... Our ability to produce this kind of thing is thanks to years of refining our talent! So for all your repairs, don’t hesitate to contact Rembourrage Plus today.

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